Labo Pull Portrait

Labo Pull 

Alice Egler & Sonja de Monchy

Both color and material designers, Sonja de Monchy and Alice Egler met during their design studies at ENSAD, which they were graduated in 2008. During two years after, they also received the same education from Sciences Po School of Communication. Labopull project's genesis is based on a reflexion about recycling materials, and ability to recover one's imagination staying linked to the environment. The design approach is built on a deep work of textile research for new home and furnitures materials.

Today, they still go on improving this reflexion in their complementary fields:  As Sonjaboth developes a new pedagogy framework in order to initiate kids to art and design,and design products  or  brand  identity  for  various  customersAlice  works  on  brand  strategies  and develops creatives concepts for retail and cosmetics fields."

Alice Egler & Sonja de Monchy were speakers to Day 6 of Master Class Wool