Lainamac Portrait

LAINAMAC is an association of wool Massif Central professionals linked by the project oCentre of promotion and innovation about Live in textile”.

LAINAMAC is conceived as a tool dedicated to the wool professionals in order to facilitate: their promotion, their training on the wool and felt know-how,  the research and innovation on new wooproducts, their putting in networks with other professionals. 
Krystel Chavigny comes from the color to the material and looks forward a common language.

The message transmitted by the color is emotional, cultural and social. The message transmitted by the material is ancestral and traditional. The felting of the wool, a founding action of hands on the material, allows her to merge and to transcend these vectors to reveal a new creative language.
Here, few examples of works...

An example of a "woollen cocoon" bedroom, exhibited  during the October 2012 LAINAMAC showcase : JP ROUANNE (mattress), la CHOUETTE COUETTE (bedding), Birgit NÄGELKE ( felt objects - bear and lamps), prototype for lighting by Françoise CHRISTIEN and weaving by ATELIER A²

Samples of prefelting made during a workshop organized par LAINAMAC in April 2012

Cushions and woven wool blankets created for  the LAINAMAC wool-cocoon showcase, October 2012. Works Martine ORMAECHEA

Fine felt curtain by Krystel CHAVIGNY, exhibited during the October 2012 LAINAMAC showcase

LAINAMAC - Centre de promotion et innovation Habiter le Textile
Contact - Géraldine CAUCHY
+33 6 75 60 87 75

Géraldine Cauchy et Krystel Chavigny were speakers to Day 3 of Master Class Wool