Patrice Sébille Portrait

Patrice Sebille, 51 years old, is a traditional wool and spring mattress maker in Paris. Etablissements Le Briand is the name of his company, installed since 1880 in rue Faubourg Saint Antoine, the historical furniture maker’s quarter. The label "EPV" (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, Heritage Alive's Company), received in 1996, and the "Trophée des Trésors Vivant de l'Artisanat" (the Living Craft maker Treasure Trophy) in 2012, is proof of his know-how.

Patrice Sebille began his professional career as a leather worker. After a few years, he started university studies and became an engineer in the industrial software.

A lucky chance has made him owner of "Etablissements Le Briand", which he saved from closing down. Since then, Patrice Sebille upholds tradition as much as contemporary innovation.

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