Master Class Wool

Wool Master Class from Fundesarte on Vimeo.

Crafts and Design Master Class Wool
April 8th - 14th, 2013

Teaching intentions 

by Diana Brennan coordinator

To be made aware of the diversity and applications of wool in order to create a collective Trends book in the form of a blog. An introduction to basic textile techniques, designer’s work methods and development prospects will be the guiding lines of this informative and creative plat-form.

1. The exploration of materials, objects and techniques will be linked
to this informative and creative blog plat-form (Linked to Jeanne
Goutelle)Trends book: Presentation of a creative process between inspiration, creativity and design and a study of materials, objects and techniques will form the basis of this blog.
Blog: Creation of a digital note book for all the participants, who will be asked to collect information, inspirational photographs, drawings, materials, samples, new concepts. Launching: the blog with all of the participants and a demonstration of how to use the blog

2. Proposition of research areas: to identify, to classify and to start developing.
Identify: the different properties and qualities of wool and discover it’s possibilities for transformation using traditional European techniques such as hand weaving, plaiting, knitting, crochet, felting and dyeing.
Identifying the technical expertises of the speakers. (Lainamac, Patrice Sebille and Ysabel de Maisonneuve)
3. Confrontation of all of these practices to establish links between inspiration, reinterpretation and creation. Connecting the different speakers and their techniques: mattress creator, felt artist, weaver, dyer, etc, in association with the designers work methods - classification, organization, transformation, creation, marketing from various approaches presented during the master class.  The blog will be enriched with Labo Pull’s design experience.

4. Project follow-up organising all the information and research areas  that have been collected, filling the blog with new pictures, discuss the new potentials and eventual developments for wool that have been discovered during the week.Finalizing of the digital logbook, the blog on « Wool » using all of these elements gathered during the Master class. All these findings will be linked to Jeanne Goutelle’s second intervention which she will finalize on the last day of the Master class.
After the Master class
This digital Research book once completed, can be used as a genuine work tool - as a ground for thoughts, referencing and eventually a contacts note book.