Master Class Wool Program

Day by day, one week to work on design and wool


Day 1 – 08.04.2013
Installation of the participants in the Bergerie Nationale and presentation of the Master Class

Introduction and words of welcome by Christine Lang (vice-director, Bergerie Nationale) and Catherine Virassamy (International Relations Officer, INMA).

Visit of the Bergerie Nationale de Rambouillet and the flock of Merinos sheep. 

Workshop “Discovery of wools of Europe” Part 1 by Marie-Thérèse Chaupin (Director, Association Wool of Europe)
The workshop had as theme the fleeces from 9 different European countries and focused on the investigation and comparison of the fibers. The wools brought by the students from their own countries were also examined (Ireland, Slovakia, Spain, France)

Day 2 – 09.04.2013

Workshop “Discovery of wools of Europe” Part 2 by Marie-Thérèse Chaupin (Director, Association Wool of Europe)
The training aimed at discovering the qualities of the wool fibers: resilience, fire-resistance, absorption of humidity, sound absorbing. Some objects made of wool were examined in terms of their properties, the choice of the material and the choice of the techniques. The discussion was held around the two following themes: “Wool: a natural and renewable resource – tradition and future.”, “From the hand-made to industry through craft: technical break or continuation?”.

Workshop “Trend books and blog” by Jeanne Goutelle (CMF Designer)
Trends book were presented by the lecturer in focus on presentation of a creative process between inspiration, creativity and design. The Master Class Wool Blog activity was introduced as a creation of a digital note book for all participants to collect information, inspirational photographs, drawings, materials, samples and new concepts.

Day 3 – 10.04.2013

Workshop “Structure of the wool channel around the notion of « living the textile ». Felting” by Krystel Chavigny & Géraldine Cauchy, facilitators from Wool and Fiber Natural Textile from Massif Central (Lainmac)
A Panorama of the professionals of the wool network in Limousin (French Region) was made along with the presentation of a structuring model around the notion of « living the textile » and of a range of products « cocoon-wool » in rustic wool from the Massif Central (French Region). A Workshop on felting with ‘3D prototypes’ products was held.

Day 4 – 11.04.2013
Workshop: “Initiation to wool sculpture through the production of a small mattress” by Patrice Sébille (Wool Mattress Designer)
Bedding, wool, creation and design: three tangible cases were introduced to participants. The first one shows the input of the designer, the second one the input of the craftsperson and the third one the emergence of a creative symbiosis between the craftsperson and the designer. The workshop was followed by a lecture and discussion on the economy of creation, studying the market, the funding possibilities, and the balance of profitability.

Day 5 – 12.04.2013
Workshop “Shibori Process” by Ysabel de Maisonneuve (Visual and Textile Artist)
Introducing colour with Shibori, a technique of reserve dyeing : using knotting, folding, ligaturing and rolling. A sample note book serves as a basis for a reflection on « how to create today » using traditional technical knowledge while the gesture becomes the pillar of our thought process.

Day 6 – 13.04.2013
Workshop “Creative process to conduct a material innovation project” by Alice Egler & Sonja de Monchy (designers in LaboPull)
This workshop aimed to raise awareness on the various stages of a creative process from which any material innovation project is made: “designer as a child, designer is a scientist, and designer as an artist”.

Day 7 – 14.04.2013

Conclusions and project presentations coordinated by Jeanne Goutelle in presence of Anne-Marie Boutin (Director, Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creativity) and Catherine Virassamy (International Relations Officer, INMA)

Closing Party by invitation of INMA was held in Bergerie gastronomic shop