Wiebke Aumann

As well as developing textile, communication and space skills, my study has enabled me to refine my critical thinking regarding contemporary creation. My education leads me to conceptual view regarding creative works but I also had a strong experience in felt craftswork, and specially during a workexperience in Berlin (http://www.hutup.de/). I am really  happy to have the Wool Master Class opportunity sharing the same concerns than me with people from France and other countries.

I am now focusing on connecting the work of a craftsman and designers method of creation ; the place
of a concept and a handmade product in our european economy, and to enhance the place of this precious material into the vision of all the people I work with.

 In Septembre 2012, I created a Workshop with eight young textile designers in Saint-Denis called « L’Atelier Orcanette » (http://cargocollective.com/atelierorcanette/). There I worked for different individual projects such as the conception of prototypes, theatre projects or animating felting Workshops ! We are now working on an ambitious event called « La Briche Foraine », where I am preparing a parade with 10 sheeps, some mysterious Shepherd, half animal, half human (http://bricheforaine.wordpress.com/). It will take place the 25-26 th of May 2013 in SAINT-DENIS (93).