-Wool is a sensorial experience that makes me think of home-

-Zuzana Ondrejkova, Fiona Daly, Wiebke Aumann, Bàrbara Grosskopf

Nomadic, Safe and Games, Protective qualities of wool, Sound absorption, Home/cocoon, Interior/exterior, Necessary protection/overprotection, Protection.

Mind Mapping 'Protection and Insulation' . . .Wool

The « Protection / insulation » work team investigated the innovative role that wool can play in a
Re-creation of ‘cocoon-home’ spaces. 
Wool is a product that makes me think of home’ was the starting point for the development of their project. The working team described the concept of ‘home’ as being a personal refuge where one feels safe, protected and disconnected from the clutter of the outside world. Wool’s qualities for thermal insulation, flame resistant, sound proofing, water resistant, light weight, resilience and resistance to static electricity make it the ideal material to work with. The working team observed: ‘You play when you feel safe so that the game becomes the symbol for feeling safe and being at home’. Three scenarios, enabling people to construct a personal refuge that could be anywhere they chose to make it were developed in the framework of the project.
These innovative scenarios can inter mixed depending on the needs, offering solutions for comfort and intimacy in the private or public domain, where le client becomes the main actor, creating his own refuge space.

Home space Scenario:
- Lainamac’s ‘Wool-cocoon gîte’ project using wool in the home to provide wool bedding (mattress, pillow and blanket), and to create an ambiance of quality wool (curtains, carpets, wall hangings)
-Patrice Sebille’s handmade woolen mattress, association with the home, pushing the boundaries of a mattress . What can it be?

-LaboPulls Office Space project to isolate noise and insulate an open space, converting it into a to 'cocoon'

Nomadic culture Scenario
–Portable culture by bringing one’s home with oneself, a sense of protection and insulating through wool.
-Multi functional wool wall, furniture forms, felt cubes, mobile mural-ball hangings that filter the air or can be used in other ways
-Felt making: a solitary experience or one to be shared with others where you can loose yourself in a creative process that temporally insulates and isolates you from the outside world

Memory Carpet Scenario is
-An innovative home playground concept for connecting people by bringing into play ‘memory’ carpet tiles’ that can be swapped, rolled up and assembled to create a sense of ’home’ or mood depending on the moment.

Game scenarios inspired by Memory Card games such as, Ludo and the general concept of play.


Mattress making, felting, spinning, sewing, shibori and dyeing, printing, carding, combing

/// Part 1
Days 1 & 2  - Discovery of wools of Europe -Marie-Therese Chaupin
Wools is environmentally friendly, its qualities are:
-A long lasting natural fibre, resistant to static electricity, easy to clean, high resistance to tearing, hydrophilic, fire resistant
-Thermal insulation, flame resistant, sound proofing, water resistant, light weight and resilience and resistance to static electricity.
-Wool’s complex cell structure provides a natural chemistry that will clean the air and keep it purified, the absorption of water vapor by wool,

/// Part 2

Trend books and blog creation with Jeanne Goutelle

-A Forecasters work methods to understand and analyze trends to a map of what going on now in our societies. 
-Brainstorming technique to identify ideas and associated words, colours and materials to communicate a project with visual elements.
-Establish a creative process between inspiration, creativity and design.

Day 3 - Lainamac with Geraldine Couchy and Felting with Krystel Chavigny
-Lainamacs research areas in the production of industrial pre-felt as a base for artisan felt creations
-Material required for a felting project is really basic, making it a technique accessible to a wide public.
-Felting wool is a creative process that enables you to express your feelings ‘I learned again how to survive insulating myself from all.’ (Barbara Grosskopf)

Day 4 - Patrice Sebille - Making a mattress.
-It’s possible to create simple furniture and bedding with a mattress-making technique, using basic tools and materials.
-Wool mattresses are mold and mildew resistant, have the capability of regulating the temperature, beneficial for health problems, injuries and other muscular skeletal conditions
-You can make mattresses in any size you want

Day 5 Day 4 – Ysabel de Maisonneuve Shibori
-Once the basic understanding of a technique has been acquired creative freedom can be undertaken
-The variety of colour and patterns that can be obtained from the shibori technique can be directly applied to the objects developed in the “Protection-Home’ project

Day 6 – Labopull with Alice Egler & Sonja de Monchy
-Understanding a work methodology to build a strong design concept and develop it into a physical product.
-The designer first must be able to behave as a child, observing things with astonishment and playing with concepts and transformation (…). Finally the designer must be an artist, adding his creative vision to all the previous work, enriching it with a sensitive and sensory approach.

-Create a sense of ‘Home’, a place where you feel safe, somewhere you can relax, a place where you want to play
-Apply a design methodology to develop innovative applications for wool.
-Create unique interactive objects that have been inspired by games, nomadic cultures and the protective qualities of wool

                                                                   ADDED VALUE
Wool as a tool to connect people to their environment through play and active participation
Innovative multi functional objects and materials
Protective qualities of wool that induce a sense of wellbeing
Walls that can be transformed into floor spaces


We are inspired by . . .




 FINDING US.... by Barbara Grosskopf

"She said purple, purple like the rain? - I asked. Or purple like the blue of her blog or purple like the line ending her skirt under her knees?
The sun in her face said yellow, and the silent sound came out of her trumpet.
Grey circles on her shoulder and breast, and on her lips I also could read grey, but she only wanted to play, and she chooses the dangerous game of the budu, and broke the needle three times.
And all that came in to me and I shacked it as a cocktail, to get drunk of thoughts and feeling, and the fear made me invisible and mute.
Is it all about protection? Is it insulation?  From the wool or the world?  Who knows!!!
I borrowed those colorS they gave me, and my hand just went on …. Reflected my inside with me and with them.
I learned again how to survive insulating myself from all.
I give you this shelter where we don’t need to agree about, I put some light inside and decorated it from the outside for you …
I don’t expect you to understand I just want to give it to you, from the inside from my coccon where I’m protected…."


"Wool at home is an experience."
Geraldine from LAINAMAC, 10th of April 2013