Craft machines

The Thread Wrapping Machine

The Thread Wrapping Machine is a tool to join different types of material with only a glue-coated thread to bond it. No screws ore nails are used to join the different components of the furniture’s. By using this construction method materials such as wood, steel, ore plastic can be joined to form objects and spaces. I wanted to create an externalised joint that would enable me to combine a big range of different materials that normally would require very time consuming methods of jointing them together. At the same time a decorative pattern appears with the different colours of the thread.

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ECAL Low-Tech Factory/Rocking-Knit

Rocking-Knit is a new interpretation of the rocking chair. It offers its user productive moments of relaxation. The to-and-fro movement of this armchair knits hats for the winter and requires no exertion whatsoever.

Authors: Damien Ludi, Colin Peillex

Made with Love

Knitting used to imply a romantic image. With the act of knitting we followed our natural instincts, making warm and comfortable things for those we love. Industrialization, knitting machines, increasing wool price and feminist attitudes worked together to push knitting into an unrespectable hobby. Can we bring back the romantic image into machine knitting?

Hugging is a form of physical intimacy. It indicates familiarity, love or friendship, a romantic exchange, like knitting for someone. The interactive knitting installation “Made with Love” encourages the visitors to hug the person next to him to let the knitting mill knit.

The Installation was shown during the ARS Electronica Festival 2012 at the Brucknerhaus in Linz.