-We want to create collaborative platform to promote wool - "WWWOOL"-

Madeleine Garcia, Charlotte Juin, Michala Lipkova

Linking digital and natural world, connection / disconnection, roots, tradition, identity, local and global, sharing


Connection/disconnection=reconnection” aims at transforming the traditional craft identity of wool by making it an active partner a contemporary style of life.
The project elaborated an innovative contemporary marketing campaign for the promotion of wool at an international level by creating a brand name for their project WOW (World Wide Wool).The concept of the project is to prioritize good use of the global social networking technology, thinking in terms of a digital platform becoming a community tool to be shared. It suggests to revolutionize the image of wool from being an old fashioned one by turning it around, making wool an active partner in a new world-wide "social" experience where communication can be spun between the wool community and the public, the industrial sector to the crafts. The innovative concept of a ‘craft machine’ associated with WOW being part of the social network of wool intends reconnecting the industrial sector to the crafts on a global situation. To spark public participation and a new awareness of wool the project referenced group actions and creative publicity and artistic campaigns that brought people together for punctual events. The project encourages the act of fabricating, by using humour, colour, surprise and individual participation connects people globally with group actions in public places via communication through the Internet. It reconnects roots, tradition and identities via Internet on a local and global level, considering them as ways to build up a contemporary marketing campaign for wool within the public, the institutions and industrials.
The project intends to answer the following questions:
-How can we connect cyberspace to the natural living world to create events that can be shared and are talked about?
-Where are the farmers and who are the role players in each section of the wool industry?
-What are the ways we can emphasize the colourful, diverse, contemporary vision that wool can play on a global scale?


Digital technologies, creating blog pages, felting, knitting, crochet, weaving, knotting, macramé, plaiting

/// Part 1
Days 1 & 2  - Discovery of wools of Europe -Marie-Therese Chaupin
Wools material characteristics, textures and properties and how they work in a final product or fabric.
“Knitwear samples” (combing, spinning, knitting, finishing), “Felted stole” (carding, hand felting), also “Woven Scarf “(combing, spinning, weaving, finish) and finally “Top” (combing).
Wool: a natural and renewable resource – tradition and future
From the hand-made to industry through craft: a technical break or continuation?

/// Part 2

Trend books and blog creation with Jeanne Goutelle

- Trend Forecasters establish a maps of what’s going on now in our societies in all the production sectors of the market;
-Employing a Brainstorming technique to identify the ideas  and the associated words, colours and materials to develop and communicate the project with visual elements.
- Making the blog – organizing the pages and loading down the information.

Day 3 - Lainamac & Felting
The "WOOL-COCOON" Project that promotes traditional techniques that use wool, local artisans, sheep farms and wool events.

Day 4 – Ysabel de Maisonneuve Shibori
-Ysabel’s extensive time in Japan studying their traditional Shibori techniques and her professional experiences in the various in-theatre and on-site productions,
-The creative explorations possible by using what we had learned from experimentation and from each other.

Day 6 – Labopull
-Alice Egler & Sonja de Monchy’s creative experience and working methodology helped them understand a process that gave shape and definition to their project.
-They stressed the importance of respecting the guidelines set out in the beginning of a project.
-Observing and defining references, defining the project with one phrase, identifying the different stakes and finally creating scenarios of what the final product may look like. 

We want to:
Reconnect the wool with its market
Create global community with local action
Evoke conversation about wool
Change the common image of wool so that it becomes a new "social" experience.

- Worldwide communication of a project
- Innovative applications for wool as a creative and conceptual thought process tool within art and cultural field on a global level
-Wool can change the vision of traditional craft by linking it to digital technology.
-Exciting new communication campaign strategies