-To use wool as a lifeline to encourage community growth and participation-
Adele Orcajada, Diedre Duffy, Sinead Kane

Community, Therapy, Protection, Superfibre, Waterproof and Biodegradable

« Assembling » is an innovative project aimed at reuniting individuals in a society by encouraging them to participate in group projects such as: creating communal gardens, building shelters or making accessories. It proposes that the act of recycling wasted wool becomes a federating action that builds a respect in the community for textile crafts and woolen fleece and revaluates the inventive roles these can play. Inspired by textures in felt and nature, « Assembling » proposes three design projects that transform wool into a 'super-fiber', bringing people together through an innovative use of wool within the community. 

Bag for life project 
Involves reuniting people through felt making in community workshops to produce recycled bags, mixing wool with natural fibers and plastic.

Safe space
Wool, a metaphor for home.
Creating community shelters, taking advantage of the waterproof, insulation and temperature control properties of wool, allowing people to construct temporary shelters using felt making, an easily adaptable technique requiring little or no tools.

A source of Life

The biodegradable quality of carded and combed wool applied as a fiber membrane and compost in garden beds and nomad gardening, replacing plastic pots and seedling trays with recycled plastic and woolen, portable garden bags


Felting, spinning, knitting, crochet and carding wool

We want to:
- Create projects where wool can bring people to together. Kindle excitement and enthusiasm within the community by designing projects that make people aware of the innovative role and a source of inspiration that wool, fleece and textile crafts can play.
-  Recycle un-used wool
- Connect the farmers to the users
-  Apply wools biodegradable quality to gardening
- To make wool become a style of life 

Days 1 & 2  -
/// Part 1 Discovery of wools of Europe -Marie-Therese Chaupin
Diverse qualities of wool:
Thermal insulation, wool’s complex cell structure that provides a natural chemistry that will clean the air and keep it purified, the absorption of water vapor by wool,
A natural biodegradable and environment friendly resource.
A traditional Turkish wooden spindle shown to us by Marie-Therese
Inventive uses for the three basic component fibers (Wool, Hair and Kemp)
/// Part 2 Trend books and blog creation with Jeanne Goutelle
Trend books, the presentation of a creative process between inspiration, creativity and design.
-Learning the role that Trend Forecasters play by establishing a map of what’s going on now in our societies in all the production sectors of the market.
-Jeanne’s research process in determining a trend by linking an idea with words, colours and materials.
-Shaping ideas to become attractive, practical and communicate with visual elements.
-Using a Brainstorming process to identify the ideas
-Making the blog – organizing and laying down the first pages of the blog

Day 3 - Lainamac & Felting
Felt making, spinning and knitting as a group activity
Researching under-exploited processes (felt and woven interiors decoration) to find new applications and markets.
Research areas in the production of industrial pre-felt as a base for artisanal felt creation
The material required for a felting project is really basic, just a few simple, cheap tools that make this technique accessible to a wide public.

Day 4 - Patrice Sebille & making a mattress.
Creating furniture and bedding with basic tools and materials
Being made aware of the amount of fleece that is destroyed due to the high cost for its transformation and reflecting on ways to reclaim and recycle the discarded wool.

-Wool as a tool to connect people through group projects
-Wool as nourishment for growth in urban agriculture.
- Recycled wool employed as an innovative reclaimed material

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Gertrude Jeckyl


Feutres Depland-prefelter
Haworths Scouring Company
Various experts in craft, dye, gardening and landscape

Categories by:

Dry weather/humid

This can be used for:

Vertical gardens/ Stacked gardens/Tubular gardens in:

-office space(sound insulation  and purifying air)
-communal spaces:roundabouts, parks etc
-guerilla gardening
-urban gardens (for crafters, slow food, medicinal, laboratory…)
-limited space

Artistic applications (combining the plants that grow with the felt textures)

Sculptures: Puppy (Guggenheim Bilbao)
Artistic landscape: Gertrude Jekyll