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project "crafts.sk" / source code of slovak design /

My ongoing dissertation research project “Crafts for 21st Century”, supervised by prof. Peter Paliatka at the Institute of Design in Bratislava [Faculty of Architecture of Slovak University of Technology] aims to apply the "source code" Slovak traditional crafts to regional product design through digital production technologies.

The practical part of the project is a series of hands-on workshops investigating possibilities of different materials (wood, glass, ... etc.), covered by online platform “crafts.sk” [project website | facebook], which I have founded for this purpose in the year 2010. Theoretical part of the thesis aims to create alternative methodological model of product design as participatory discipline.

I believe that craft (or the culture of making for one’s own demand) as a social phenomenon has always been progressive and still has the potential to play an important role in Slovakia’s creative industry in the near future. Our regional production is facing significant lack of self confidence and identity awareness, and one of the goal of the research carried on under the label crafts.sk is to uncover the roots that Slovak design can build upon.

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I am currently working as NGO project manager and webdesigner