DAY 7 Project follow-up and presentation

Sunday saw us summing up the week and tying up loose ends, before a group presentation and an exhibition of all our hardwork!The morning was spent doing group work concluding our group projects. Thisinvolved finalizing blog pages, research, visualizations of our ‘scenarios’, clarifyingideas and concepts. Some groups were ahead of others and had more concise ideas atthis stage. A final meeting with Jeanne and Diana was add to structure our proposals.
Some time was also spent adding finishing touches to the daily dairies for the blog by
the groups.

We enjoyed our final lunch as the sun came out . . .

In the afternoon, we had a presentation of the week’s Masterclass to organisers

Catherine Virassamy from INMA, l’Institut National des Métiers d’Art (French Institute for Arts and Crafts), and Anne-Marie Boutin representing APCI, Agence de Promotion de la Création Industrielle (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creativity). It was great to finally meet our hosts, get full introductions and hear about their organisations and the inspiring work they do. We were also joined by some of the masters of the week – Patrick Sebille of Etablissements Le Briand and Alice and Sonja of LaboPull.

Jeanne led the presentation, talking the organisers and ourselves, the participants
through our ‘digital notebook’ and gave a general overview of the
week, describing the different workshops and masters who we met. We spent time during the week working in our groups on our project proposals and writing daily diaries. The titles of our group project proposals - Balance, Protection/Insulation, Assembling, Elementary Design and Connection/Disconnection - grew out of our brainstorming day with Jeanne on Tuesday when she introduced us to her work creating Trendbooks and the processes involved.
Three of the groups were invited to present their projects to everyone. This was very
interesting as it was our first time to discuss the projects outside of our own groups. It
was interesting to see how the different groups worked and their outcomes. And how
they decided to visualise their projects.

After the presentation, we had the opportunity to give our feedback on the week’s Masterclass. This developed into a great discussion. Overall, the majority of participants were satisfied to have gotten a taster for many different techniques and processes concerning wool. And to have met leading designers and craftspeople from various aspects of the wool and textile industry. Even if some of the tasks were a little outside our comfort zones (speaking personally in regard to trendbooks!) or completely new to us. All participants were delighted to have had the opportunity to participate. And all agreed that the Masterclass has/will have a direct impact on their practices and will question the way we design and make. The opportunity to meet our fellow participants from our home countries and others was hugely beneficial.

Diana and Jeanne had curated a small exhibit of all our creations from the week – felt
pieces, handmade wool mattresses, shibori dye samples, wool clippings and some
notes – for the organisers and ourselves. This was a nice way of reflecting on what we
had learnt in the week and for others to view.

To our surprise, National Arts and Crafts Intitute had organised a little farewell party in our honour in the Bergergie’s boutique. With some of their local wines, juices and nibbles. The rhubarb fizzy was amazing! This was a nice way to celebrate the week and a casual setting to talk further with the organisers, co-ordinator, Diana and some of the masters. A few of the participants left on the Sunday evening, while the rest of us left early Monday morning.